Where Is The Good Life?

Does your life hold everyday excitement? Are there daily amusements? Is there any passion in your experiences?

Not too long ago, there was a man on a mission. In his books and lectures, it was clear that each day he aspired every person to experience an emotional awareness of being alive. Just imagine how that glorious feeling of being alive could change your life!

He was, I believe, one of the first trailblazers for mindfulness before the term ever became notorious. He encouraged self-awareness and personal development in the 1950s. His name is Vernon Howard and he wrote Try to see what attitudes rule your day, then ask yourself what kind of a day you usually have.

What kind of days have you been having? If the past week has found you frazzled with worry and in a bad mood, chances are your attitude has not been working well for you.

It’s difficult to hear the truth-that if you latch on to a negative outlook your experiences in life are going to be negative.

Instead of waiting for life to treat you better, change your attitude. Focus on the good in your life, find the bright side, be thankful, and then expect positive events in your life. With a good attitude you’re bound for a good day.

Most of us are guilty of taking life for granted. In taking life for granted we become immune to the treasures found in our daily lives. Our attitude becomes indifferent with other people.

Each dawn is to be a celebration because it’s a gift. If tomorrow’s arrival was up in the air, how would you live today? What would be your attitude?

Think about it.

Dr. Sandy


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